The 2018 Body Shop advent calendar

It's one more week until it's Christmas! I cannot wait to go home this weekend to celebrate it.
 I've got to be honest and say that I didn't really get the Christmas feeling until half-way through December, but opening my Body Shop advent calendar has certainly made me feel a little bit more festive! I'd been wanting to open it since October, and I finally got to do it! I've thought of so many different ways of how to do this, but I've decided everything up into categories. I'm super happy with everything I got and I'll be giving everything a try, so let's see what exactly it brought me.

Disclaimer: This calendar was purchased by myself and every opinion is my own. I have in no way been paid to write this post. All products will (if possible) be linked to the Body Shop website.

Travel-sized bottles

Every several days there was a little bottle behind one of the doors in the calendar and I love the selection that I got! I got a shower gel and shamp…

Book Report: WinterDream

About a week before December started I received an email about this book. I was incredibly intrigued and almost immediately mailed back a very enthusiastic "YES". When I grew up, I was addicted to those barbie movies, (The Swan Princess, Rapunzel, The Nutcracker and many more) and The Nutcracker was one of my favorites. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to read this book after finding out it would tell exactly that story.
Warning: this review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.

WinterDreamAuthor: Chantal Gadoury Published: November 27th 2018 Star rating: ★★★☆☆
This Christmas Eve... no creature was stirring... Except, maybe, a mouse. At long last, can true love break the Nutcracker's curse?
For Clara Stahlbaum, this Christmas means the end of her youth. A daughter of the aristocracy, Clara is expected to give up her dreams of adventures and the extraordinary for more normal days as the wife of a cruel Viscount. 
But when magical Uncle Drosselmeyer returns…

My 19th Birthday Haul

Last Saturday I celebrated my nineteenth birthday with my family. I had sent out a little wishlist to everyone I knew would be coming to my birthday and so, I ended up with some things I'm beyond happy with. Taking it all home with me on Sunday even required brining another bag! Let's get into it!

Pop Funko's My little brother and I have a shared love for anything geeky and so I had shown him at least 12 Funko's I liked so that he'd have a wide selection to choose from. It turned out that he'd forgotten what was actually on the list, or the Funko's had been sold out. He ended up choosing some that I'm incredibly happy with. I got a baby Groot, which is a bobblehead and looks really cute. And I got a double pack with two Funko's, which were the baby nifflers from Crimes of Grindlewald!

Board games On my wishlist I had put several board games, because the board game nights I've been having with my friends have been loads of fun and have gotten me …

A December journal page

A little while back I got back into journalling. I like to write in my journal to capture memories, thoughts, feelings and whatever I need I feel to get off my chest. Of course it never hurts to make these pages look pretty, and whenever a new month rolls around I like to make a page for it so it kind of announces a "new chapter". 
Since December is such a festive month, I had already decided I wanted the cover for this month to represent that. I have been collecting magazine pages and washi tapes for weeks and I finally got the chance to use them! For today's post, I thought it would be fun to share a little behind-the-scenes of making my journal page, so get ready for a picture-heavy post! 
Getting started
I have a box in which I have a lot of magazine pages, markers and washi tapes, so I got that out and decided on several pictures and a nice quote for this page. After gathering my supplies, I kind of knew how I wanted to place everything, though I went through quite…

19 things I learned in 19 years

I know what you're thinking, a bonus post? That's right, I'm posting three times this week because it's my 19th birthday today! I'm not going to ramble on too long, because this post is already enormous, but I read a couple of these posts in the past and I always enjoyed them very much. So you know, obviously I had to try it myself.

1. Awkward moments do not rule your life There have been plenty of awkward moments this year, from accidentally staring at a total stranger in a train whilst daydreaming and meeting my roommate's boyfriend with 4 days worth of dishes in my arms, to forgetting to close your room door and acting out a concert whilst your roommates enjoy the show. But those little moments do not define me. Yes they race through my head when I can't sleep at night, but there's nothing I can change about them anymore.

To quote Robbert Pattinson: I don't have awkward moments. I have an awkward life, occasionally  interrupted by normalcy.
2. Go…

Christmas Tag!

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? I mean, I've been blasting the music for a couple of weeks already, but now it's actually almost here! I love how the shops look at the moment, there are lights and garlands all around the city and you can see Christmas trees in a lot of windows.
I decided to get the Christmas excitement out early and searched for a Christmas tag to do on this blog. Let's go!
This tag was found here and slightly altered to fit this blog.
1. Use one GIF to describe how excited you are for Christmas

Yes I know it said use one, but my excitement cannot be captured in one GIF or picture! 
2. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? That really depends. Sometimes we're allowed to all open one present, but we mostly save opening the presents until after breakfast on Christmas morning.
3. What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year? I really love that we spend Christmas with family, but setting up the tree and all the decor…

Festive lipsticks!

Ever since the weather has gotten colder and more gloomy, I've been grabbing my darker lipsticks to wear. I feel like, when you wear lipstick during fall, the colors are always berry, red or orange. About a year ago, I didn't enjoy going out with a brightly colored lipstick because I felt like it attracted all attention to myself, but now I just put one on without even thinking about it!
I've compiled a little list of affordable but cute lipsticks that you can wear during the festive season.

Lottie London - Slay It
I bought this lipstick on a whim about a year ago. I had a moment of confidence and wanted something new. I love this lipstick now! I've gotten so much more comfortable with wearing bright colors and it's all thanks to this lipstick. This is 'longwear matte' liquid lipstick, which I can assure you is absolutely true! I wore this when I went out for dinner with my family and it only started to fade after we had the main course. The dry feeling th…